Eli Lilly’s Obesity Drug: A Prescription for Wealth and Health


In a world filled with political and economic uncertainties, there are two things most people can agree on: the desire to lose a few pounds and increase their wealth. While it might seem trivial amidst the chaos, the pursuit of health and wealth is a timeless endeavor. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical giant, is at the forefront of a groundbreaking development in the health sector. Their innovative approach to obesity treatment presents a unique investment opportunity. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting prospect.

Eli Lilly's Obesity Drug: A Prescription for Wealth and Health

Eli Lilly’s Game-Changing Obesity Drug

Eli Lilly, a well-established pharmaceutical company, is making waves in the medical world with its Mounjaro diabetes drug. This drug is on the cusp of receiving approval for treating obesity, and it’s generating a lot of excitement among analysts. Their expectations are so high that they are significantly increasing their stock price targets for Eli Lilly, anticipating substantial earnings growth.

As of now, Eli Lilly’s stock is trading at $592.33, and this presents an interesting opportunity for investors. By selling the November $560 put for about $10.50, investors can generate income while positioning themselves to take advantage of the potential growth. If the stock remains above the strike price at expiration, investors can keep the put premium as pure profit. However, if the stock’s price falls below the strike, they must either purchase the stock at an effective price of $549.50 (strike less premium) or adjust the put position to avoid assignment.

Technical Analysis of Eli Lilly’s Stock

Eli Lilly’s stock is currently displaying an intriguing technical pattern. After a historic rally, the stock has experienced a slight downturn and is approaching a key technical support level. Historically, each time such a pattern emerged, investors capitalized on the weakness. However, the difference now lies in the broader market context.

Global macroeconomic conditions are currently uncertain, with geopolitical tensions on the rise. Therefore, anyone considering the Eli Lilly trade is essentially expressing their belief in the resilience of the obesity drug thesis, even in the face of broader market challenges.

Risks and Considerations

It’s essential to acknowledge that investing in Eli Lilly comes with certain risks. The stock has surged by an impressive 62% this year, significantly outperforming the broader stock market. Furthermore, it is trading at an elevated earnings multiple, which will be closely examined when the company reports its third-quarter earnings on November 2. Investor enthusiasm for obesity drugs will largely depend on the outcome of this report, especially any forward-looking statements.

Over the past year, Eli Lilly’s stock has shown considerable price fluctuations, ranging from $309.20 to $629.97. These wide price swings emphasize the stock-specific risks associated with investing in Eli Lilly.


In a world that seems to be in a state of perpetual turmoil, the pursuit of health and wealth remains a constant goal for many. Eli Lilly’s groundbreaking obesity drug offers investors a unique opportunity to combine these aspirations. By selling cash-secured puts on Eli Lilly, you can generate income while taking part in a potentially revolutionary advancement in the field of healthcare.

However, it’s essential to remain cautious, as Eli Lilly’s stock-specific risks are significant, and the current macroeconomic climate is fraught with uncertainty. Ultimately, investors must weigh the potential rewards against the associated risks and make informed decisions. As we navigate these challenging times, the quest for innovative pharmaceutical treatments for obesity stands as a promising beacon of hope in the pursuit of a healthier and wealthier future.

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