10 Engaging Side Hustles for Retirees to Boost Income and Keep Active


Entering retirement doesn’t mean you have to stop earning or learning. In fact, it’s the perfect time to explore passions you never had the time for during your working years. Side hustles not only supplement your retirement income but also help keep you mentally and physically active. With the vast opportunities available today, there’s likely a side hustle perfectly tailored to your skills, interests, and lifestyle. This article highlights ten such opportunities, offering a variety of options for every retiree.

10 Engaging Side Hustles for Retirees to Boost Income and Keep Active

10 Engaging Side Hustles:


Are you a seasoned professional with a particular set of skills? Or do you fancy yourself handy enough to perform odd jobs for others? If yes, then freelancing might be the perfect side hustle for you. Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork offer a plethora of opportunities, matching businesses and individuals in need of specific tasks with experts capable of handling them. Whether you’re a tech whiz, an artistic guru, or a skilled handyman, you can market your abilities and earn a substantial income.

Freelancing also offers flexibility – a key aspect for retirees. You have the freedom to choose your projects, set your own rates, and work at your own pace. Moreover, these platforms provide a secure way to interact with clients, ensuring that you are paid fairly for your work. No matter your skill set, the digital world has a place for you.

Rent Out Extra Spaces:

10 Engaging Side Hustles for Retirees to Boost Income and Keep Active

Are you a homeowner with some extra space? Renting out a room or even a piece of your property could be a fruitful side hustle. Platforms like Airbnb provide an avenue to list your property, attracting tourists or individuals looking for temporary accommodations. This not only generates additional income but also allows you to meet interesting people from diverse backgrounds.

On the other hand, if you have extra storage space like a garage or shed that’s currently vacant, you can also monetize it. Platforms like Neighbor connect people in need of storage space with those who have it. This is a simple, low-maintenance way to make extra income, all the while making good use of your unused spaces.

Sell Products or Crafts:

Do you have a knack for crafting unique items? Or perhaps you have a sharp eye for finding bargains and reselling them for a profit? Platforms like Etsy, eBay, and other online marketplaces are perfect for you. Etsy is a great platform for those who make homemade crafts, offering a space where creators can sell their products to a global audience.

If you’re more into retail arbitrage, eBay and other similar platforms are your go-to places. You can buy items at a lower price and sell them for a profit, all from the comfort of your home. This side hustle can be as time-consuming as you want it to be, offering a flexible way to supplement your retirement income.

Pet Sit or Dog Walk:

10 Engaging Side Hustles for Retirees to Boost Income and Keep Active

If you love animals and enjoy staying active, pet sitting or dog walking could be a fun and fulfilling side hustle. Websites like Rover provide a platform where pet owners can find reliable individuals to care for their pets, either while they’re at work or out of town. Whether it’s providing companionship for pets or ensuring they get their daily exercise, this side hustle can be as rewarding as it is profitable.

Not only does this keep you physically active, but it also provides an opportunity to interact with animals, which studies have shown can lower stress levels and boost overall wellbeing. Plus, this side hustle doesn’t require a significant initial investment – all you need is a love for pets and the willingness to care for them.

Drive with a Rideshare Service:

If you love to drive and want to get out and about, joining a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft can be a great way to earn extra income. As a driver, you get to set your own hours and meet a variety of people, all while exploring your city or town.

This side hustle provides flexibility and the chance to be your own boss. Plus, most rideshare platforms offer bonus incentives during peak hours, which can significantly boost your earnings. However, be sure to consider the wear and tear on your vehicle and gas expenses when calculating your potential income.

Invest in Fractional Real Estate:

10 Engaging Side Hustles for Retirees to Boost Income and Keep Active

For those who have always been interested in the real estate market but might not have the capital or desire to manage a whole property, investing in fractional real estate could be a wise option. Companies like Fundrise and DiversyFund allow you to invest in partial shares of real estate. This means you’re buying a “piece” of a property, reducing the initial investment required.

This side hustle allows you to benefit from the real estate market’s potential returns without the hassle of property management. It’s a passive form of income that can add to your retirement fund over time. Remember, however, that all investments come with a level of risk, so make sure to do your research or consult with a financial advisor before diving in.

Tutor English from Home:

Do you have a background in teaching, or perhaps a knack for languages? Why not put your skills to good use by tutoring English from home? Platforms like VIPKid match educators with students (typically aged four to 15) looking to learn English. These lessons are usually conducted via video call, making it a convenient option that doesn’t require leaving your home.

Teaching not only allows you to earn income but can also be incredibly fulfilling. It offers the chance to interact with and positively influence young minds. Plus, with the flexibility to choose your hours and the convenience of working from home, this side hustle is an excellent option for retirees looking to stay mentally active.

Start a Small Business:

Do you have a brilliant business idea that you’ve always wanted to bring to life? Retirement could be the perfect time to do just that. Companies like ZenBusiness and LegalZoom can guide you through the process of forming and registering your own startup.

Starting a small business allows you to be your own boss, setting your work hours and the direction of your venture. This side hustle can require more initial work and investment, but the payoff could be significant, both financially and personally. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your own business idea grow and thrive.

Become a Consultant:

If you have extensive experience in a particular industry or organization, you could consider becoming a consultant. By putting your experience to use, you can help businesses solve problems, improve their performance, or manage changes. You can list your services on freelance platforms like Upwork or network within your social and professional contacts to find potential clients.

Consulting is a way to continue using your expertise after retirement and remain involved in your field. It can provide a significant income, depending on your area of expertise, and you can often set your own schedule and choose the projects you take on.

Start a Blog:

10 Engaging Side Hustles for Retirees to Boost Income and Keep Active

For those who enjoy writing and engaging with readers, starting a blog can be an excellent side hustle. Blogging allows you to share your thoughts, experiences, or knowledge with others, and with some time and effort, it can turn into a revenue stream.

You can earn income through advertising, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and more. Additionally, blogging can help you stay mentally active, improve your writing skills, and connect with people who share similar interests. Remember that blogging requires consistent effort and content generation, but if writing is your passion, it can be both fulfilling and profitable.


Retirement is a new chapter, full of possibilities and potential for growth. Whether you’re looking to supplement your income, stay active, or simply follow a passion, there’s a side hustle out there that’s perfect for you. Each of these ten options offers its unique benefits and experiences, so consider your skills, interests, and what you want out of a side hustle when choosing the right one. Remember, the goal is not just to make money but to enjoy the process, learn new things, and make your retirement years even more fulfilling. Happy hustling!

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