Fixed Income Investing

  • Seizing the Moment: The Lure of Fixed Income in 2023

    The financial landscape of 2023 has shown resilience and robustness, navigating economic challenges and presenting a ray of optimism for the discerning investor. Among the array of options available, fixed income, especially corporate credit, has been at the forefront of investment opportunities. In a recent enlightening conversation with a panel of fixed income connoisseurs from Franklin Templeton, several compelling insights emerged. Here’s a distilled summary for those pondering their next financial move. 1. The Advantage of Shifting From Cash to Fixed Income The modern-day investor often grapples with the choice…

    August 18, 2023
  • Navigating the 5 Key Risks of Fixed Income Investing

    Fixed income investments, including bonds, are often seen as a safer harbor compared to equities due to their perceived lower volatility and more predictable income streams. However, this doesn’t mean they’re free from risks. As a prudent investor, understanding these potential risks is key to shaping an effective investment strategy. Let’s delve into the various risks associated with fixed income investing. Diversification and Fixed Income Investing Firstly, an essential strategy to manage inherent risks in fixed income investing is diversification. This involves investing in bonds with varying characteristics such as…

    July 13, 2023