• 5 Essential Strategies to Safeguard Against Financial Scams in the Digital Age

    In today’s digital age, financial scams have become increasingly sophisticated, making them harder to detect even for the most tech-savvy individuals. From imposter fraud to remote access scams, criminals are constantly devising new tactics to exploit unsuspecting victims and steal their money or personal information. In 2023 alone, American consumers lost over $10 billion to fraud, with imposter scams accounting for a significant portion of these losses. Imposter Scams: The Threat Within Imposter scams involve fraudsters posing as trusted entities such as banks, financial institutions, or government agencies to deceive…

    April 18, 2024
  • Stay Alert: Top 5 Red Flags to Spot a Scam

    In our digital age, scammers are getting more sophisticated in their approaches to steal hard-earned money. They prey on people’s vulnerabilities and exploit their trust. As a bank security expert, I believe it’s essential to arm you with knowledge so you can stay one step ahead. Today, we’ll dive into five red flags that could help you identify a potential scam. Unexpected Contact Often, the first indication of a scam is unexpected contact. You might receive a call, text, or email about an invoice, order, delivery, or charge you weren’t…

    July 4, 2023