Comprehensive Total Tax Burden Rankings: A Comparison of Effective Federal and State Tax Rates Across All 50 States

Comprehensive Total Tax Burden Rankings: A Comparison of Effective Federal and State Tax Rates Across All 50 States

Understanding the total tax burden faced by individuals in different states can be crucial when considering relocation or making financial decisions. In this comprehensive list, we will rank all 51 states based on their total effective tax rate for individuals, combining both effective federal and state tax rates. This ranking will provide valuable insights into the overall tax environment in each state, allowing you to make more informed decisions regarding your personal finances and living arrangements. Stay tuned as we unveil the total tax burden rankings for all 51 states, shedding light on the diverse tax landscapes across the United States.

Total tax burden ranking

Ranking State Total effective tax rate for individual filers Effective federal tax rate Effective state tax rate
1 Massachusetts 24.07% 19.38% 4.70%
2 Oregon 23.48% 16.38% 7.10%
3 Connecticut 23.37% 18.54% 4.83%
4 Maryland 22.85% 18.58% 4.28%
5 New York 22.70% 17.92% 4.77%
6 Hawaii 22.66% 16.26% 6.40%
7 Virginia 22.20% 17.39% 4.81%
8 New Jersey 22.10% 18.83% 3.27%
9 Minnesota 21.94% 17.29% 4.66%
10 Illinois 21.50% 16.76% 4.75%
11 California 21.16% 17.65% 3.51%
12 Utah 20.98% 16.13% 4.85%
13 Delaware 20.97% 16.44% 4.53%
14 Colorado 20.93% 17.46% 3.47%
15 Georgia 20.45% 15.96% 4.49%
16 Kentucky 20.38% 15.67% 4.71%
17 Iowa 20.24% 15.99% 4.25%
18 Rhode Island 20.21% 17.31% 2.90%
19 Maine 20.13% 16.06% 4.07%
20 Kansas 20.10% 15.95% 4.15%
21 Michigan 19.94% 16.09% 3.85%
22 Nebraska 19.93% 15.98% 3.96%
23 Montana 19.92% 15.93% 3.99%
24 North Carolina 19.84% 15.92% 3.92%
25 Idaho 19.66% 15.76% 3.90%
26 Wisconsin 19.52% 16.08% 3.45%
27 West Virginia 19.50% 15.56% 3.93%
28 Alabama 19.47% 15.62% 3.85%
29 Pennsylvania 19.42% 16.35% 3.07%
30 Indiana 19.11% 15.95% 3.17%
31 Oklahoma 19.07% 15.51% 3.56%
32 Missouri 19.05% 15.92% 3.12%
33 New Mexico 18.94% 15.78% 3.16%
34 Vermont 18.93% 16.18% 2.74%
35 South Carolina 18.92% 15.64% 3.28%
36 Louisiana 18.58% 15.70% 2.88%
37 Mississippi 18.51% 15.16% 3.35%
t-38 Arkansas 18.47% 15.29% 3.18%
t-38 Washington 18.47% 18.47% 0.00%
40 Ohio 18.05% 16.04% 2.00%
41 Arizona 18.01% 16.00% 2.01%
42 New Hampshire 17.51% 17.51% 0.00%
43 Alaska 17.10% 17.10% 0.00%
44 North Dakota 16.71% 16.02% 0.69%
45 Texas 16.01% 16.01% 0.00%
46 Wyoming 15.99% 15.99% 0.00%
47 Nevada 15.93% 15.93% 0.00%
48 South Dakota 15.80% 15.80% 0.00%
t-49 Tennessee 15.67% 15.67% 0.00%
t-49 Florida 15.67% 15.67% 0.00%
Average 19.60% 16.45% 3.15%

Data as of 2023

In conclusion, our Comprehensive Total Tax Burden Rankings have provided an in-depth comparison of the effective federal and state tax rates across all 50 states. This information is invaluable for individuals seeking to understand the tax implications of living in different states and making informed decisions about relocation or financial planning. It is crucial to note that tax rates are just one factor to consider when evaluating the overall cost of living in a state. Other factors, such as housing costs, job opportunities, and quality of life, should also be taken into account.

By examining the total tax burden rankings, individuals can gain a clearer understanding of the tax landscape in each state, which can ultimately help them make the best choice for their personal and financial well-being. As tax policies may change over time, it is essential to stay updated on current tax rates and legislation to ensure you remain well-informed and prepared for any shifts in the tax landscape.,This article is an original creation by If you wish to repost or share, please include an attribution to the source and provide a link to the original article.Post Link:

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