5 Best REIT ETFs for 2023

5 Best REIT ETFs for 2023

REIT stands for Real Estate Investment Trust, it’s a type of investment vehicle that invests in income-generating real estate properties, such as apartments, office buildings, hotels, and shopping centers. REITs provide investors with a way to invest in real estate without having to directly own or manage properties.

There are several reasons to invest in REITs, including:

  1. Diversification: REITs provide a way for investors to diversify their portfolios and reduce their overall risk.
  2. Regular income: REITs often pay regular dividends to their investors, providing a steady stream of income.
  3. Access to commercial real estate: REITs offer individual investors access to commercial real estate investments, which can be difficult and expensive to invest in directly.
  4. Professional management: REITs are managed by professional real estate managers, who handle the day-to-day operations of the properties, reducing the burden on individual investors.
  5. Liquidity: REITs are publicly traded, which means they can be bought and sold easily, providing investors with greater liquidity than direct real estate investments.

Investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) can provide a lucrative opportunity for investors looking to diversify their portfolios and earn a steady stream of income. And we also wrote an article to introduce 5 best REITs last December. However, investing in individual REITs can be risky as it exposes the investor to the financial performance of a single property or portfolio. To mitigate this risk, investors can consider investing in REIT Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs).

A REIT ETF is a type of investment fund that holds a diversified portfolio of REITs, providing investors with exposure to a broad range of real estate assets. By investing in a REIT ETF, investors can reduce their exposure to the risk of a single REIT and instead benefit from the performance of a diverse portfolio of properties. This not only helps to spread risk across multiple assets, but also provides a more stable return on investment.

REIT ETFs are also a convenient and accessible option for investors, as they can be easily bought and sold on a stock exchange. This allows for greater liquidity compared to directly investing in individual REITs, which can be more difficult to buy and sell.

In addition, REIT ETFs are managed by professional fund managers who have the expertise to select a diverse portfolio of REITs and make decisions on behalf of the investors. This reduces the burden on individual investors to actively manage their investments and provides peace of mind that their investments are in the hands of experienced professionals.

Here is a list of the top 5 REIT ETFs that we’d like to introduce:

Top REIT ETFs Ticker Symbol 2022 Performance Inception Date Issuer Assets
Vanguard Real Estate ETF VNQ -25.66% 9/23/2004 The Vanguard Group $35.9 billion
iShares U.S. Real Estate ETF IYR -25.51% 6/12/2000 BlackRock $3.8 billion
Schwab U.S. REIT ETF SCHH -24.99% 1/13/2011 Charles Schwab $6.0 billion
Real Estate Select SPDR Fund XLRE -26.25% 10/7/2015 SSGA Funds $5.3 billion
iShares Cohen & Steers REIT ETF ICF -26.12% 1/29/2001 BlackRock $2.4 billion

Data source: Company websites and moomoo. Assets data as of Jan 30, 2023.

In conclusion, investing in REIT ETFs can be a smart choice for investors looking to reduce their exposure to the risk of investing in individual REITs. With a diversified portfolio of real estate assets, greater liquidity, and professional management, REIT ETFs provide a convenient and accessible way to invest in real estate and earn a stable return on investment.

If you are more inclined towards investing in individual stocks, we have also compiled the top 5 REIT stocks that we believe are the best for 2023.

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