Future Forward: The 5 Transformative Megatrends in Global Markets

In the recent years, have you felt the shifting sands of geopolitics and the global economy underfoot? Such transformative moments redefine the fundamentals of economics, politics, and other dimensions. As investors, understanding these shifts and predicting the future market landscape becomes crucial for success. Here are the five pivotal trends identified by experts at Fidelity that could redefine the markets:

1. A New Paradigm for Corporate Profits

  • The Old Regime: Corporate profits skyrocketed in the past two decades, diverging from the historical relationship with productivity. Factors like globalization, industry concentration, and low interest rates facilitated this unprecedented profit growth.
  • The New Regime: The huge gap between productivity and profits might be on the brink of closing. Key contributors to the divergence are now in decline. Productivity could soon return as the primary driver of corporate profitability.
  • Investment Implications: With corporate profits as the backbone of stock market returns, investors should be alert. Productivity, catalyzed by AI breakthroughs, could emerge as a decisive factor in investment returns.

Future Forward: The 5 Transformative Megatrends in Global Markets

2. Stepping Back from “Peak Globalization”

  • The Old Regime: The world interconnected more than ever before, evident from the global origins of our everyday products.
  • The New Regime: The fragility of global supply chains was exposed during events like COVID and the Ukraine war. A pivot towards more localized supply chains seems likely.
  • Investment Implications: As globalization retreats, inflation may rise due to increased costs of local production. However, local investments could stimulate growth in certain regions.

Future Forward: The 5 Transformative Megatrends in Global Markets

3. The Precarious Balance of Global Power

  • The Old Regime: The US held unparalleled sway over global relations since the Cold War’s end.
  • The New Regime: China’s ascent and events like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine hint at a multipolar world. The future might see nations polarized between Western democracies and their opposers.
  • Investment Implications: Multipolar tensions could inflate resource prices, impacting global investment dynamics, particularly in defense and technology.
Future Forward: The 5 Transformative Megatrends in Global Markets
Source: Fidelity Investments (Asset Allocation Research Team), as of 12/31/22.

4. The Journey Towards Decarbonization

  • The Old Regime: Fossil fuels, the global economy’s heartbeat, raised carbon emissions considerably.
  • The New Regime: Decarbonization is now a global priority, but its implementation may vary significantly.
  • Investment Implications: Commodity producers might enjoy short-term gains. However, in the long run, renewables’ affordability may challenge traditional energy producers. Vigilance and active management will be crucial for investors.

Future Forward: The 5 Transformative Megatrends in Global Markets

5. The Evolving Framework for Portfolio Management

  • The Old Regime: The past era saw surging stock market returns, low inflation and interest rates, and high global investment correlations.
  • The New Regime: With emerging inflation, disrupted supply chains, and other factors, the investment scenario is evolving. Geographic diversification might become a stronger tool.
  • Investment Implications: While the changing landscape might be intimidating, it’s no cause for despair. Proactive security selection and portfolio diversification can help investors navigate these uncertain waters.

To summarize, the global economic and geopolitical landscape is transforming at a rapid pace. These five megatrends offer a lens through which investors can view the future. Embracing these changes, adapting strategies, and maintaining agility will be key for investment success in the forthcoming decades.

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