• The Unintended Consequences of Bidenomics: An In-depth Analysis of the Impact on Health Insurance Options

    At the core of “Bidenomics,” a term being increasingly used to describe the economic policies of the Biden administration, is a concerning trend: a movement towards forcing American consumers to purchase expensive products that they may neither need nor desire. Most recently, this tendency has manifested itself in the government’s intent to limit short-term health insurance plans, with the ultimate aim of ushering more consumers into the ObamaCare exchanges – a heavily subsidized and regulated system. The Health and Human Services, Labor, and Treasury Departments recently proposed regulations to retract…

    July 7, 2023
  • What is Bidenomics? Decoding Bidenomics – Exploring the Crossroads of Government Intervention, Industrial Policy, and Central Control

    As the presidential elections loom on the horizon, the White House has taken a proactive stance with the launch of its new public relations campaign, “Bidenomics.” This fresh endeavor seeks to define President Joe Biden’s economic agenda that President Biden himself humorously admitted at a June 17 union rally in Philadelphia, is working even if he doesn’t quite understand it. This raises a pertinent question: What precisely is Bidenomics, and is it indeed functioning as intended? Understanding the Pillars of Bidenomics Bidenomics, as stated by a White House release, is…

    July 4, 2023