Unlocking Potential: The Bright Future of the Industrials Sector


In the ever-evolving landscape of investments, the industrials sector has been somewhat overshadowed in 2023. However, overlooking the potential within this sector might be a mistake for investors. As a financial advisor and investing expert, I’m keen to shed light on the long- and short-term drivers that could position the industrials sector for significant growth. From federal investments in infrastructure to shifts in supply chains, there are compelling reasons to believe that industrials are poised to shine.

Unlocking Potential: The Bright Future of the Industrials Sector

The Narrow Rally Conundrum:

While the broader market, represented by the S&P 500, has shown gains in 2023, it’s crucial to recognize the narrow nature of this rally. Mega-cap stocks in communications services and technology have dominated, leaving industrials lagging behind. This relative underperformance is a key factor in understanding the current sentiment towards industrial stocks.

Long-Term Drivers: Federal Investments and Onshoring Trends

1. Infrastructure and Onshoring Boom:

  • The underinvestment in the U.S. industrial base over decades has created an environment ripe for change.
  • Supply chain challenges during the pandemic and geopolitical tensions underscore the advantages of U.S. self-sufficiency.
  • Federal funding and incentives, fueled by legislation like the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act and the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, are set to inject billions into infrastructure, onshoring, combatting climate change, and the electrification of industries.

2. Opportunities in Current Economic Cycle:

  • Indicators suggest we are late in the current economic cycle, with potential for improvement.
  • The Institute for Supply Management Purchasing Managers Index (ISM PMI) is a key indicator, signaling weakness in the industrial economy.
  • Historical patterns suggest that this phase in the economic cycle has often presented ideal opportunities for investing in industrials.

Potential Opportunities: Aerospace, Infrastructure, and More

1. Long-Cycle Industries:

  • Commercial Aerospace: Despite delays in production, the demand for commercial aircraft remains robust, especially in emerging markets.
    • Companies of Interest: Boeing, General Electric, Howmet Aerospace, TransDigm Group.
  • Infrastructure for Electric Utilities: Anticipated increases in spending on electric utilities create opportunities.
    • Companies of Interest: Pacific Gas & Electric, Quanta Services.

2. Short-Cycle Industries:

  • Residential Building Products: The U.S. housing shortage fuels demand for building components.
    • Companies of Interest: The AZEK Company.
  • Less-Than-Truckload Freight Transportation Services: Onshoring could lead to an increase in smaller shipments.
    • Companies of Interest: Saia, XPO.

Navigating Risks and Valuations:

The looming question is whether we are heading for a recession or a soft landing. The answer remains unclear, and a recession would undoubtedly impact short-cycle businesses negatively. However, the relatively inexpensive valuations in these sectors present potential opportunities, especially considering the prolonged period of depressed demand.


As a financial advisor, my approach to the industrials sector involves a balanced portfolio that combines longer-cycle stocks with specific catalysts and healthy exposure to short-cycle stocks. This strategy aims to navigate the uncertainties in the market, offering potential for growth in both the near and distant future. Investors should consider industrials not as a sector to overlook, but as one with substantial untapped potential waiting to be unlocked.

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